The War of the British Succession or the Jacobite Rising of 1763 (Scottish Gaelic: Bliadhna Theàlich, “The Year of Charles”) is an ongoing global conflict involving many major European powers over the claim of the House of Stuart on the thrones Great Britain and Ireland.

For a great deal of the earlier eighteenth century, Great Britain and Grandelumière remained in a passive alliance which each other, which reached its zenith in the Ten Years War in which the countries were pitted against Prussia. In the years following, relations between the countries soured; in no small part to the Treaty of Dresden (1747), which proved to be very unsatisfactory for England. This demise of good relations culminated in the Diplomatic Revolution of 1756, in which traditional alliances in Europe suddenly switched, and Britain, amongst other nations (primarily Protestant), were in contrast with a coalition led by Grandelumière, consisting of Austria, Saxony, Spain, and others.