This year has brought us a lot of changes, challenges, and realizations. It opened our eyes to the harsh realities of life. That change is the only constant thing in this world. Just around the corner is 2021. Its arrival is giving people a brand new outlook on life, it has given people hope for a better year ahead. In the year 2021, we all deserve to. Speak our minds- this year has taught us to never allow anyone to keep us quiet especially when times are hard. That our voices need to be heard. Let us also remember to allow ourselves to express our emotions, to never let the fear of being unheard keep us imprisoned in our own tower. That we have the right to speak up and be heard. Surround ourselves with better people- may it be your family or your friends, let yourself be surrounded with people who appreciate you and support you. The ones who always see your potential and promise. Time for rest- work is okay, but overworking is not. Remind yourself to also grab some time to rest and never feel guilty about taking time for yourself. Don’t let other people’s judgments define you because you are a unique individual. Enjoy your life the way you want to. Break the chain- if 2021 offers you opportunities, TAKE THEM. Don’t let tradition anchor you down, let your life be the life you have wanted to live. Don’t let others tell you you can’t. Be happy- we all deserve to be genuinely happy. Work on that. You deserve to be happy. You deserve too many beautiful things next year after what this year has put us through. Let that sink in. Merry Christmas!